Does It Look Like You Have Two Black Eyes?

Don’t you hate dark under eye circles? I do! My skin generally looks good, but my under eye area drives me crazy!! Many people think it is because they’ve stayed up too late, but that is not the whole truth. The two main reasons for dark circles are either excess pigment or blood vessels that appear prominent in the area.

The thinnest skin on your whole body is under your eyes and as a result, blood vessels can be easily seen right through the skin. The deep red color in veins appears blue when seen through the skin. Many people simply inherited thin skin in this area, which makes the blood vessels easily seen and contributes to appearance of dark circles.

Normal aging, sun exposures and excess caffeine consumption all cause thinning of the skin which exacerbates the problem. Another problem that causes dark circles is allergies, which surprises many people. Simply put, allergies cause congestion of the blood over the sinuses, which lie under our eyes, making dark circles appear. Allergies, poor sleep, and eating foods high in salt can also lead to puffiness of the eyes, making the dark circles appear worse.

As far as the other cause of dark circles, excess pigmentation, there are many things that can cause that as well. Skin diseases such as eczema or atopic dermatitis often lead to chronic redness and irritation around the eyes. Chronic irritation activates the melanocytes, which are cells that produce pigment, thus leading to darkening of the skin. Melanocytes are also activated by sun exposure, like a tan, and can lead to infra-orbital shadows or "dark circles" under the eye area caused by an accumulation of hemoglobin and colored degradation products (biliverdin, bilirubin and iron) in the dermis and epidermis (the same mechanism by which a bruise turns brown).

Slow blood flow can also cause dark circles to appear or get worse, by leading to the leakage of the blood outside of the vessels which causes a brownish discoloration from the iron in the blood. Smoking can lead to sluggish blood flow, which makes dark circles worse. If you want to quit smoking and stop all of the other negative side effects it causes, go to LINK.

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