Let's Get Rid Of Those Dark Circles!

Dark circles are best treated first by identifying the underlying cause. Is it allergies? See your physician about allergy medicine and nasal sprays to reduce congestion. Is it smoking? Do you need more sleep? Less sun? If you have eczema, see your doctor, who may prescribe a steroid ointment to control the itching and redness. Everyone can benefit from using sun protection with a product that contains titanium oxide or zinc oxide.

After addressing the underlying cause, the next thing to do is use a product that contains light reflecting materials that “trick the eye”. Ingredients such as silicon dioxide reflect light and make dark areas appear lighter, thus making the dark circles disappear. Both LifeCell and Revitol contain light reflecting ingredients. They also contain ingredients that thicken and repair the thin skin that lets those blood vessels show through.

Lastly, there is an ingredient out there called Haloxyl, which claims that it can reduce under-eye circles by more than 60% when used as directed. According to the manufacturer, in a clinical trial, 22 female volunteers applied a gel containing 2% Haloxyl to the contour of the eye, and to the other eye they applied a placebo.  This test ran for 56 days.  The anti-darkening circle effect was assessed by image analysis and the change in the color parameters were measured resulting in a more than 60% reduction in under eye dark circles.

Here is how Haloxyl works:  a component called Chrysin stimulates the enzyme (UGT1A1) l to clear the skin cells of iron and other pigmented degradation products.  Then, N-Hydroxysuccinimide makes the iron soluble, allowing it to be eliminated by the bloodstream.

Haloxyl is used in several products. The one that that I would recommend you purchase is Hydrolyze. Note: I only recommend this product for under eye dark circles, not for wrinkles or other skin problems. It has a few wrinkle fighting ingredients, but not as much as LifeCell and Revitol.

It also contains Matrixyl3000™, including palmitoyl peptides, which have been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, thus firming under eye skin to reduce bagging. Nice!

I read mixed reviews on this product.  Many actual users (women like you and me) swear by it; the bulk of the bad reviews came from sites that were selling other products. To me, it is worth a try, and last time I checked, the company was offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product for any reason (minus the restocking fee of $8.00).