Who Am I To Tell You About Anti-Aging

My name is Sarah Wooten, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I received a doctorate of veterinary medicine from University of California in Davis, and I am a small animal veterinarian and a writer. But more importantly, I am a woman in my thirties with all the regular concerns about aging. I’m a mother of small children, so I’m tired and don’t have a lot of time for myself. I live in Colorado, so I get a lot of sun exposure on my face. I have puffy circles under my eyes. I work part time, so my budget is limited: I have to make the best decisions for my family with the money that my husband and I make.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

The opportunity came up for me to review and write about wrinkle cream and anti-aging treatments. Being an intelligent woman with medical training and the ability to understand the ingredients, I jumped at the opportunity to really find out what is the best wrinkle cream out there. After all, we are going to be living much longer than our ancestors, so it will be a great benefit to keep our faces from turning into prunes.

How Can A Vet Help Me With Anti-Aging?

Now you are probably thinking: how is an animal doctor going to help me with anti-aging problems? Her patients only live 10 to 15 years!

Well, I know more about human products that you think. Can I tell you a secret? The majority of human cosmetics and medications on the market are still tested on animals, especially dogs. Why? Dogs' body systems are remarkably similar to humans, even though they don’t look like people! Ok…maybe some people…

Still With Me???

You may also be unaware that every veterinarian goes through virtually the same medical training as a doctor, so we know and understand all the same things; veterinarians just have to be smarter, because their patients can’t tell them what’s wrong. We are licensed to treat every non-human animal on the planet; the only thing that keeps a veterinarian from treating a human animal is a piece of paper! (That paper is a license, if you were wondering.)

More than that, every veterinarian takes an oath when they receive their degree: above all, do no harm. This applies to people, as well as animals, as veterinarians have to care as much about their patient’s owners as they do the patient. In fact, veterinarians are among the most trusted professionals out there. Why is that? We don’t become vets for the money; we go into the business, because we love animals and the people that love them.


If you’ve read this far, congratulations! Hopefully, I have communicated what kind of person I am, and how as a veterinarian and a woman, I am uniquely and authentically qualified to help you determine what kind of product you want to put on your face. The last thing we all need is one more person trying to sell things to us. Instead, I think we can use our knowledge to help each other make the best decisions with our money, and that is what I hope to do for you.