Anti-Aging Cream Reviews

My name is Sarah Wooten. Like most women, I am thinking more and more about my skin and wondering what aging is going to look like. We probably also share the concern of a limited budget and healthy dose of skepticism towards the claims of cosmetic companies.

But why should YOU listen to ME, anyway???

I lead an active lifestyle that is hard on skin. I love the outdoors and use sunscreen as much as possible, but Colorado air is dry and the UV index is high. Where I live, sun damage is inevitable, but I would rather choose living than sitting inside and watching life go by. As a wife, mother and career woman juggling life and everything in it, I simply do not have time, money, or humor to indulge skin cream scams. Seriously.

It seems like every day, we are faced with another ad on the internet or TV about some product like Meaningful Beauty that “fights the signs of aging”. As I think about it, I have spent more useless hours poring over labels in the skin cream aisle then I care to admit, only to be disappointed by yet another product. As a woman, I was sick and tired of all the BS.

Are you with me?

So, given the opportunity to sit down and research the anti-aging ingredients out there, I pounced. I knew there were quality products out there – I just needed to find them. And here are my two favorites. Writing and researching this material has been really eye opening to me.

I was given a list of the high-end age-fighting ingredients, and instructed to put them through the wringer. That meant use scientific research to either confirm or dispute the claims of the cosmetic companies, and then draw conclusions about the products that use the ingredients.

This research was based on studies reported in medical and other credible scientific journals. It wasn’t easy – you can’t just Google these ingredients. Some of the ingredient I could never find a straight answer on, because cream companies can be super secret about their formulas. I had to use scientific search engines like MEDLINE to get the honest answers that aren’t funded by a) someone selling the product or b) the company that created the product. Even journal entries have to be read with a grain of salt, because you have to read who funded the research.  Read more about how I did MY research.

The whole reason for doing all this is to empower YOU, "the consumer," with the knowledge to make informed decisions about what you should put on your face. Here are the top ingredients used in anti-aging formulas today. At least these are the top ingredients with scientific research to back their claims.

You really need to take your time and read the info I've provided for you, so you can make an informed decision about what to use on your own face. However, if you are in too big of a hurry and would just like my top two product recommendations, here ya go:

#1 Product Recommendation: LifeCell

LifeCell Anti-Wrinkle CreamLifeCell was rated as the best all around in fighting wrinkle formation and other signs of aging, as well and reducing all the signs of the aging.

Deanol, ubiquinone, D3PA, and ascorbyl palmitate, the four primary ingredients in LifeCell, are backed by clinical research that shows dramatic improvement in the appearance of photo-damaged skin, eliminates the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improves skin’s firmness and elasticity, diminishes age spots, and protects skin from the future signs of aging. Additionally, LifeCell contains acetyl-hexapeptide-3, a safe alternative to Botox™ injections for treatment of wrinkles. This product is like buying 7 different beauty treatments in one tube -- and for the price, it really is a stupendous choice!

LifeCell helps the skin look younger by supporting the natural production of the skin’s building blocks of collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid. Plus, D3PA stimulates skin capillary dilation to bring increased blood flow and nutrients to the skin, giving an immediate healthy glow. The result is rejuvenation of the skin and reversal of the cosmetic signs of aging caused by sun exposure, smoking, stress and other oxidative factors. Plus, it contains silicon dioxide light-reflecting particles that reduce the appearance of wrinkles immediately. Wow! You can see a difference in less wrinkles immediately and have the peace of mind knowing the wrinkles are being dealt with long-term as well!

Customer satisfaction seems high and LifeCell offers a one month trial, so users can evaluate the product risk free. A great product that does what it says, comes in a formula protecting tube, and lets you test the product before paying a penny for it! What more can you ask? Here's my in depth review on LifeCell.

#2 Product Recommendation: Revitol

Revitol Anti-AgingWhile not as comprehensive in treatment and prevention of wrinkles as LifeCell, I found Revitol to be a great anti-wrinkle product and a fantastic value. Like LifeCell, Revitol contains ubiquinone and deanol. It contains peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis, which restores skin firmness and reduces wrinkles. It also contains vitamin A and E, which are anti-oxidants that are clinically proven protect skin and reduce wrinkles.

Revitol utilizes proprietary blends of herbs and natural ingredients that have been used over the ages to fight wrinkles, including shea butter, evening primrose oil, kelp, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, and edelweiss extract. So, for people interested in an alternative or complementary product, Revitol is an excellent choice.

The reason Revitol got a secondary rating to LifeCell is because it didn't have D3PA and it has Vitamin A. For many people Vitamin A will make it better because they don't have a reaction. Still, for the price, it is a great product and is highly recommended. I would go as far to say that if you don't have problems with Vitamin A, Revitol may be as good as LifeCell. Here's my in depth review on Revitol.